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Engaging surveys, powerful insights.

Stop the guessing game.
Design and deliver beautiful surveys and watch as smart insights are instantly surfaced to drive timely, data-driven decisions.
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The first survey platform that
thinks for you

Don’t waste time getting bogged down in the numbers.
Let powerful machine learning techniques analyze your survey data as it rolls in.
No spreadsheets, no formulas - just the answers you’re looking for.
Deep insights
just two clicks away

Effortless analytics and segmentation quickly transform real-time survey results into actionable insights.
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Surveys that are actually
Fun to take

On Segmanta, it’s easy to create a visually engaging and interactive survey experience,
resulting in radically higher completion rates than with conventional survey tools.
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Surveys that work

With over 50% of today’s respondents on mobile devices, rest assured that your survey works brilliantly on all platforms.
Seamless & intuitive
survey creation

You’ll be amazed at how effortless it is to craft professional-looking surveys that match your brand’s look and feel.
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macbook and mobile
Reach the
people that matter

Embed your survey on your website, social media page or email newsletter, or use targeted ads to reach the respondents you care about most.
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